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Thank you so much for making that Car Radio lyricstuck! I cannot believe someone else linked them to Sollux, especially that song! I was even thinking about doing a lyricstuck for my AU's Sollux specifically using that song for a long time now. (twinarchivers is his url) But really, I saw your lyricstuck and nearly screamed, it was absolutely amazing. Twenty One Pilots has meant a lot to me for a while, for a lot of reasons, and I'm glad to see others into them too!

Ahhh thank you so much- I’m really glad and flattered you appreciate my Arasol lyricstuck; 21P is amazing!

Girl spotted surfing ebay in class but at least she lookin at cute business jackets holla

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Your art is beautiful! I love all your hipsterstucks as well! Regardless of the ships! Thank you for posting your amazing art!

Wow ahhh, thank you so much! 

Someone accidentally let a pot melt on the oven (???) and smoked out the kitchen so the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the entire dorm, oh my god. Today was my one day to sleep in.

Rain, street lights. Took these on my phone, wish I had had my dslr on me.

Listen/purchase: Broad Strokes EP by K. L. Graywill, a musician who can’t read or write music - my new solo piano album! Only $5 and you’d be doing me a massive favor not only as a budding artist, but as a college student who could use some support. Check it out, it’d mean a lot!

oh my god that Deresiewicz article has been up for like a day and I’m already sick of it

Oops, my hand slipped.

24x30”, acrylics.

My brother and I were born almost exactly two years apart, in March. Mom and dad used to vacation on Anna Maria Island every year in late summer. That’s about 9 months. My brother and I are BEACH SEX. WE WERE BEACH SEX.

I did not want to know this.

Please don’t go into the Big Bang Theory tag, it’s a dark, dark place.

Facebook is asking me “Want to tag yourself? Yes / No” so these self portraits must be at least mildly successful.

Blog layouts that are oriented to the right make me uncomfortable

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tbh I think you're one of the most beautiful and intelligent people I've ever met. Js'


Mom just yelled at me for waking her up because she was having a dream with Dermot Mulroney in it

It’s raining, my ceiling is leaking, I’m having a date with my piano in my home studio.